Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Seafarer Center Volunteer takes top spot at Senior Games!

Wilson Greenfield, we know him as Mr. Wilson, has been volunteering at the Seafarer Center for about 12 years now. He does all of the ship visits at what we call Port Tampa which is across town near MacDill Air Force Base. It is not uncommon to get a call from a ship’s captain and have him ask us if we can send Mr. Wilson over to see them. They all love Mr. Wilson! This last month Mr. Wilson competed in the 2013 Tampa Bay Senior Games and took the Overall Male award. He competed in Bowling, Darts, Pool, Basketball, Corn Toss, Horse Shoes, Shot Put, Disc, and Run and Jump. Besides visiting the ships for us Mr. Wilson also collects aluminum cans and in the last 10 years or so has collected over 970,000 aluminum cans which he has sold for over $17,000, all of which he has given to support either the seafarers or some other charitable cause. Mr. Wilson is an Air Force veteran and we are proud of his service to both the Country and to the Seafarers. Mr. Wilson and his lovely bride will celebrate 49 years of marriage on November 6th. Mr. Wilson is a member of First Baptist Church of Port Tampa. Oh, I almost forgot… Mr. Wilson turned 83 years old on October 1st of this year!!! Below is Mr. Wilson with his trophy and him playing ping pong with some Seafarers.