Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What happened when Hugo Chavez got saved?

No, not Hugo Chavez the former Venezuelan president but Hugo Chavez my friend the Peruvian who works onboard one of the cruise ships. While Hugo was working on the cruise ship he accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior and became a Christian. Hugo was eager to learn all he could about Christ and to share his new faith with all he came in contact with including his family. Hugo would often visit me while I was on his ship and look for any new Gospel tracts that I might have. He explained to me that he was emailing the information home to his wife because she was not a Christian and he wanted to see her accept Jesus Christ as Savior too. Well as time went on Hugo left on vacation and then resumed his career on other vessels but from time to time he kept in touch by phone or text. One day in October of 2012 I received a text message from Hugo praising God because his wife had finally understood the Gospel and accepted Jesus as her Savior. He was so excited and so was I when he shared the news with me. Praise the Lord!!! From time to time I would run into other Seafarers from Peru and I would ask them if they knew of Hugo Chavez and many of them had crossed paths with him on other ships and they told me he was the guy that was running the Bible study on the ship. Just this last July I received another excited text from Hugo letting me know that his daughter now has also accepted Jesus Christ as her Savior. Hugo said “Thanks to the Lord, God is working in my home and my life.” God’s offer of salvation through his Son Jesus Christ is open to everyone and Hugo Chavez has done a good job of carrying that message around the world and most importantly to his family. Praise the Lord!!!

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